Once your project site is ready we start with underground utility installation and foundation construction. From there, walls are erected, concrete blocks and steel beams are put in place. Depending on design, engineering, and architectural requirements the framing and exterior structure may vary but this is when the building really comes together.

When that phase is complete we move into roofing and interior build out. Utilities are expanded throughout the structure, interior walls are erected, and doors and windows are installed. Lastly, the finishing touches are put in place with ceilings, floors, wall surfaces, and necessary fixtures.

We use a consultative approach throughout the process to ensure highest quality materials are used, the project runs smoothly and on-time, and ultimately is completed within budget.


Green Heart Enterprises has experience working with a variety of stakeholders and teams to get a project done in the most efficient manner possible. We’ll work with the appropriate team of engineers, architects, designers and contractors to take any new build project from concept to completion. Our goal is to create a tailor-made building purposely built to accommodate the unique needs of your business.

Our team prides itself on quality of service and your satisfaction. Green Heart Enterprises will work hard to provide the best service possible through transparency and efficiency. We’d love to get started on your next new commercial construction project.

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