The pre-construction phase is critical to the success of any project. That’s why we provide early design and structural recommendations, thorough budget analysis and cost estimations, as well as detailed schedules.  

Green Heart Enterprises is a trusted leader in the commercial construction industry and we have experience you can trust working on a variety of projects with unique circumstances.

A Consultative Approach

Pre-construction is the phase of a building project that includes all of the steps to begin commercial remodeling, renovations, or new builds.

Scheduling & Phasing

The best time to solve a delay in construction is before it occurs. Green Heart will work with you to create a comprehensive schedule, from start to finish. We will outline key milestones and work to identify potential delays or logistics issues before they happen. We combine our knowledge of the project with the data provided by different subcontractors, suppliers and vendors to create a comprehensive and accurate schedule. 

Budget Development & Cost Estimates

Before the project gets started you need to know exactly how much it will cost and where your budget is going. Green Heart has the expertise to build a quality project while staying within your budget. We’ll also work with you along the way to ensure the project stays financially viable no matter what may happen.

Constructability Reviews

Green Heart works with all of the teams involved on a project to ensure that what is designed has been accurately reflected in the build plans. We also review the design to identify potential improvements or cost savings. Finally, we work with you to find the right subcontractors to meet the design intent of a project.

Green Heart Enterprises pre-construction services are designed to take a consultative approach and assist you with planning your next project as efficiently as possible. Schedule a consultation with our team of experts today to learn more about how we can support your goals.  

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