Green Heart makes the environment a top priority. We understand the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable building practices within the commercial construction industry.


EarthCraft Certified

We are EarthCraft Certified, committed to reducing job site waste, and have implemented an aggressive recycling program. Our EarthCraft certification means we are dedicated to advancing sustainable, affordable and energy efficient construction in the Southeast.

Experience on LEED Certified Projects

We have also participated in LEED Certified projects and been trained in practices positively effecting air quality, energy and water efficiency, and waste management. Studies have shown that LEED certified buildings can lead to reduced operating and maintenance costs, and ultimately increased value. We will with you on your LEED Certification goals to ensure proper design and implementation of sustainable building features.

Sustainable Building Materials

Green Heart Enterprises works to source products, equipment and materials that comply with evolving green building materials and LEED standards. From selecting materials that are manufactured from recycled products and local sources to monitoring air quality and recycling construction waste, we are dedicated to evaluating environmental impact on all projects.