What is ‘Light’ Commercial Construction

Light Commercial Construction

Like residential and heavy civil construction, commercial construction is a unique segment of the industry. There are obvious differences between constructing a downtown skyscraper and a standalone, single-story retail structure; but “light” commercial construction can be difficult to define. What exactly is this segment of commercial construction? 

Light commercial construction refers to smaller-scale business construction, such as offices, free-standing retail, restaurants, small medical facilities, banks, etc. These are most under four stories and less than 25,000 square feet.

Industry Trends

As we’ve written about in the past, in conjunction with the rebounding economy over the last decade we’re seeing increased growth in specific segments within the construction industry and light commercial is steadily rising. New construction in the form of office buildings and live, work play developments are some of the fastest growing sectors within light commercial construction.

Not every commercial construction project is a complete build out or ground up project. We’re also seeing steady growth from renovations and retrofits in light commercial construction structures. Often businesses need light commercial construction work to enhance or update existing commercial spaces.

Experience You Can Trust 

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