Proper training is vital in making sure our customers get the highest quality project. We train our team in the latest techniques, giving our customers the security of knowing every job is done by fully-certified professionals.

We have taken part in training and been certified from the following organizations and practices:

OSHA (occupation Safety and Health Administration)

The Green Heart Enterprises team has undergone appropriate OSHA safety training programs. All general contractors, operative builders and sub-contractors have received necessary training.


Green Heart Enterprises has completed the EarthCraft Light Commercial regional green building certification program. This certification process recognizes environmentally responsible design and construction practices for small-scale commercial buildings in the Southeast. The program focuses on site planning, energy and water efficiency, building durability, and improved occupant health and productivity.

Lead Safety

Lead exposure is a common hazard on construction sites. For that reason, Green Heart Enterprises has completed Lead Safety Training to ensure the team is aware of the OSHA regulations and is prepared to prevent overexposure to lead in the workplace. We understand lead regulations, recognize lead hazards, understand symptoms and how to determine the proper level of prevention and protection.

Versico Contractor Workshop

We have also completed the Versico Roofing Systems Contactor Workshop which ensures our team demonstrates a thorough understanding of estimating and installing Versico roofing. Green Heart Enterprises is also licensed to offer extended warranties on Versico roofing systems.

Scissor Lift Certified

Scissor lifts are hydraulic-powered lifts used for maintenance and construction. OSHA regulations state that all personnel who work with or near scissor lifts must be trained and certified to operate properly and avoid accidents. Green Heart Enterprises has completed both formal and practical instruction on how to operate the different types of scissor lifts, perform inspections, assess the environment, and prevent accidents.