A Culture of Safety

In an industry spanning over 6 million people and over 250,000 construction sites on any given day (via OSHA.gov)  it’s no surprise that job site safety is a top concern for commercial construction. On top of the sheer number of projects taking place at any given time the industry continues to experience a skilled worker shortage. This has led to growing job site safety concerns and risks.

Potential Hazards

Commercial contractors and construction companies manage a variety of considerations on each project including budget, materials and schedule. They must also ensure compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements, from environmental standards to local building codes and employment practices. But one of the most important concerns is safety and as contractors are forced to do more with less, a renewed emphasis on safety is imperative.

In recent years, incidents involving vehicles or equipment have been the primary source of construction workplace injuries. Fall hazards also account for a high percentage of accidents. Other hazards that result in job site injuries include electrical shock, cave-ins, caught-betweens and falling objects.

Our Safety Program 

It continues to be important for organizations to build strong and comprehensive safety programs to improve the overall safety culture in offices and on job sites. At Green Heart, fostering a culture of safety means we’re consistently working to ensure the people and property involved in each project are properly taken care of. We hold weekly meetings as well as ongoing training programs focused on job site safety, potential hazards, and solutions. We provide safety checklists to help everyone avoid hazards and injuries. Last, but not least, we ensure everyone maintains current safety certifications.

An Outstanding Record

Our outstanding safety record and reputation for safe job sites is a result of our strong safety programs and culture. Ultimately, our goal is to demonstrate management’s commitment to safety. Contact us today to learn more about working with us.