3 Commercial Construction Trends for Aviation

As traffic continues to increase for major airports, upgrades to the infrastructure are becoming a necessity. Upkeep and renovations for terminals, gates and airport facilities are needed to accommodate airports like Hartsfield-Jackson and others that are among the busiest in the world. Airlines and airports alike are looking to improve efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and ultimately the consumer experience for travelers.

 Even though every airport is different and the specific needs of air carriers may differ from location to location, there are specific trends that have stood out this year.


In the past year alone there has been a remarkable integration of technology in the commercial construction space. Everything from BIM (Building Information Modeling) to employee tracking software to AR/VR technology is now being used on construction projects. Drones are even being used to monitor job site conditions and evaluate safety hazards. Evolving technology can enhance job site efficiency, protect employees, and even improve collaboration among project stakeholders.  


Most commercial construction projects today strive to incorporate sustainability in some manner to reduce waste and ultimately improve profitability. One of the more common methods of improving sustainability on a project is through the use pre-fab materials. This decreases waste significantly while also improving the quality of the construction material. Contractors and builders are also leveraging construction waste management, seeking LEED certified building materials or recycled materials, and even focusing on the efficiency of transportation fleets.     

Collaborative Deliverability 

We’ve discussed the variety of project delivery methods before, and while there are many options today the traditional “design, bid, build” approach just doesn’t make sense in the modern industry. Collaborative project deliverability approaches like Design Build and Construction Manager are on the rise, and for good reason. Increased involvement from key parties throughout a project will oftentimes lead to a better end result: a project completed on time and within budget.   

Looking ahead we can expect to see these trends continue to play a major role in the evolving commercial building industry To discover how your business can work with Green Heart Enterprises and benefit from these trends contact us today.