Keys to Finishing Your Commercial Construction Project on Time

In today’s modern business world there is a sense of urgency with almost everything, including commercial construction projects. Everyone from the building owner to the subcontractor is asked to deliver projects on a denser schedule than ever before. For many of our clients, from aviation and healthcare to retail and education, project timelines impact the bottom line. Any sort of delay can potentially be disastrous; which is why it’s important to understand common project delays and how to avoid them.

Hire a Commercial Construction Expert & Project Manager

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to ensure your project deadlines are met is to hire an expert commercial construction project manager. Not only that, bring this party in as early as possible. When the commercial construction project manager is involved early in the design phase, that expert can provide input on a realistic timeline for all parties involved.

Communicate Clearly and Regularly

Clear and regular communication on the job site is arguably one of the most important factors in getting your project done on time. It’s the responsibility of the commercial construction project manager to communicate everything that may impact schedule to the various parties, from the property owner to the subcontractors and tenants, etc. Everyone involved in the project should know when key activities are scheduled. Contractors and subcontractors should be transparent about any concerns or potential delays in work as they arise. 

Plan for Longer Lead Materials

Oftentimes certain materials simply have a long lead time on order and delivery. That lead time is often fixed, meaning there’s no wiggle room or expediting options. For example, specialty appliances or custom windows / doors often take longer than standard materials because they are built to spec. It’s important to order these types of materials in a timely manner and ensure that the extended lead times are accounted for in the construction schedule.

The Priority Should Always Be Finishing on Time

As an expert commercial general contractor, Green Heart Enterprises understands the common challenges and typical project delays. That’s why we’re always working efficiently to ensure we complete projects on time. When we have a plan, transparent communication, and understand client expectations we’re in the best position possible to complete the project on time.

If you would like to more information on our process and how we can help with your next project, contact us today.