Donuts with Dad!

A few days ago, our Construction Manager Pat got to hang out at school with his son Murphy for "Donuts with Dad". It's a neat thing some schools do that allows parents to spend a little more time around their children, other classmates and the school staff. 

While there, Murphy drew this picture of Pat which makes us very happy for a couple of reasons. First, it makes Pat look like he has a giant, pumpkin head, (which he doesn't, but it's still funny) and second, the fact that Murphy pictures his dad at work with a smile on his face. That says a couple of things about Green Heart and the culture we try to maintain:

  1. We enjoy what we do. Solving problems for our clients and helping make their businesses better is what keeps us going. 
  2. We like being around each other. When we need to get down to business, we do it. But we're also up for a good joke or a heart to heart talk. (It's also pretty great when someone brings in biscuits and coffee for breakfast)

So while Pat may not have a giant, pumpkin head or an extremely angular nose, that drawing is pretty spot-on in it's own way, and we like it : ]